Committed To Your Best Future

We are determined defense attorneys who do not view our clients as criminals. Recognizing that many misdemeanor charges arise from simple human mistakes, lapses in judgment, and even misunderstandings, we are committed to enabling you to move forward with minimal damage to your future.

Our experience in misdemeanor criminal defense runs deep. All of our lawyers, including a current public defender, can provide informed counsel and strong representation. To work with a law firm that has a decades-long legacy of success pursuing positive outcomes for people in trouble, please contact The Law Offices of Ossie Brown today.

DWI - Traffic Violations - Property Crimes - Juvenile Defense

Applying decades of experience in negotiations with prosecutors and at trial, we are well-prepared to assess your case and identify the appropriate defense approach based on your unique circumstances. We can help you understand and deal with whatever misdemeanor or felony charges you are facing, including:

  • DWI/DUI, or other traffic offenses and citations that can put your freedom, driving privilege and future at risk
  • Property crimes such as shoplifting, theft and vandalism
  • Other misdemeanor offenses, such as domestic assault, that can involve serious consequences beyond the fines and possible incarceration
  • Juvenile offenses of all types, including those related to alcohol or drugs

Counsel Focused On Your Needs And Your Future

At our longstanding, respected firm, defense attorneys get to know clients and fully understand their worries, needs and goals. We respect your concerns, including the impact of a conviction on your reputation, future or educational prospects. Your rights are worth the fight, and we will do our best to help you make a sound decision about how to proceed.

Consult A Defense Attorney Who Knows The Law And Baton Rouge Metro Area Courts

We provide practical yet aggressive criminal defense counsel to people from all walks of life in Louisiana. Our firm serves the entire region surrounding Baton Rouge, Louisiana, from Jackson, St. Francisville and Zachary to Gonzales, and Port Allen to Denham Springs and Hammond. Beginning with a free consultation, you can benefit from our knowledge of area courts, prosecutors and judges. Call our office today at 225-424-7388 to schedule your appointment.