When To Fight DUI/DWI Charges

Even with all the attention given to very tough penalties and enforcement, arrests for driving while intoxicated (DWI) — sometimes called DUI — are very common. While everyday people make the mistake of driving drunk, some arrests are the result of improper police procedures.

While we fully recognize the seriousness of drunk driving charges, we will not treat you like a criminal when you contact our Baton Rouge offices to protect your rights.

The Right DWI Attorney Can Make A Real Difference

Embarrassment and damage to your reputation may be among your concerns after a DWI arrest, but these are far from the most serious consequences you can face. Even a first conviction can mean thousands of dollars in fines and other costs, suspension of your driver's license and possible jail time. At The Law Offices of Ossie Brown, we take all of this into account when handling your criminal defense case. We are here to protect your record and your reputation.

Facing any DWI/DUI charge without an experienced DWI lawyer is a serious risk. If you are under 21, have prior convictions, caused a car accident or believe other special circumstances apply in your drunk driving case, it is even more critical to know all your options and take your defense seriously.

Taking Your Case And Your Concerns Seriously

Our attorneys, including former LSU football player Kris Perret, are informed, resourceful and competitive. We will look hard at your case and provide candid counsel based on our years of experience. This includes:

  • Taking legal action to protect your driver's license from suspension or to get you a limited driving privilege — if you contact us within 15 days of your arrest
  • Investigating all aspects of your arrest for possible improprieties that may help in negotiations or at trial — including whether the traffic stop was legal and how any blood, breath or field sobriety tests were administered
  • Providing honest insight into our likelihood of success with a not guilty plea and the potential for reducing consequences by negotiating with the prosecutor

We have obtained acquittals, dismissals and reduced charges in DWI/DUI cases by contesting blood-alcohol level readings, thoroughly reviewing police reports, arguing for lack of probable cause or reasonable suspicion where appropriate and pursuing other legal strategies.

Protect Your Future

The Louisiana State Legislature continues to ratchet up the penalties for DWIs/DUIs. For instance, if you refuse to submit to a sobriety test when pulled over, your license may now be suspended.

Don't fight drunk driving accusations on your own. Learn how we can help by calling 225-424-7388 or sending us an email as soon as you are able or a loved one can reach out on your behalf.