Personalized Attention For Challenging Family Transitions

Family law issues are sensitive by nature because they involve the relationships we hold closest to us. When confronted with a legal issue that will directly involve your family, it is important to find a family lawyer you can trust who will look out for your best interests and your goals while attempting to maintain the relationships that are important to you.

At The Law Offices of Ossie Brown, our Baton Rouge attorneys know how to maintain this delicate balance while seeking positive, sustainable solutions. We believe in carefully listening to your concerns and then formulating a plan that will help you achieve your goals. We will aggressively negotiate on your behalf and litigate your family law matter in court, if necessary.

Helping You With All Your Family Law Matters

Our attorneys are here to help you with any of the following matters:

  • Divorce-related issues that concern spousal support and property division
  • Child-related matters from visitation and parenting time to child support and custody
  • Pre- and post-marital agreements
  • Post-divorce modifications

From the time you decide to separate from your spouse until the final divorce decree is issued, we will be by your side. We will protect your interests and fight for a fair separation and final divorce settlement while keeping the well being of your child or children a priority.

There For You After The Divorce

Even after your divorce is finalized, if there is a substantial change in circumstances, you can count on us to help you petition for a modification regarding any aspect of your divorce agreement. We believe in building lasting bonds with our clients that are built on trust and solid legal advocacy.

Our mission is to be the law firm you turn to when presented with any legal problem. For instance, after finalizing a divorce, you probably will need to amend your estate plan. If anyone in your family is injured in an accident or faces serious criminal charges, we can assist you as well.

Here For You When You Need Legal Advice

We strive to be your law firm for a lifetime. To schedule an appointment to discuss your family law concerns, please send us an online message or call our offices at 225-424-7388.