Lasting Solutions For Child Custody And Child Support

Child-related family law problems are some of the most difficult to resolve. Your relationship with your child or children will have to change. How can you continue to keep strong relationships intact? How do you ensure a fair child support award that allows you to continue paying the bills? A good lawyer needs to look out for your best interests while helping to maintain important relationships.

At The Law Offices of Ossie Brown, our attorneys understand this delicate balance and take it into account while working toward sustainable family law solutions. Our Baton Rouge family-owned law firm believes in providing one-on-one service to your family during this difficult time of change. We offer compassionate counsel, but aggressively protect your interests.

Louisiana Child Custody Factors

Each child custody solution is going to be unique based on the needs of each family. The best interests of the child must remain in the forefront at all times. If negotiations break down and a court hearing is needed, some of the factors that the judge will review include:

  • Emotional ties between each party and the child
  • The capacity of each parent to provide love and affection as well as appropriate housing, food, clothing and other material needs
  • The length of time a child has lived in a stable environment along with home, school and community ties
  • Distance between the residences of each parent
  • Reasonable preference of a child depending on age and maturity of the child

This is not a complete list of the factors, but it illustrates the discretion a judge has in awarding child custody and visitation. You know your situation best. We're often able to help you reach a workable resolution through negotiation or mediation, which reduces any need for trial.

Correct Numbers To Reach A Fair Child Support Award

When child support is a contested part of your divorce, the calculation is only as good as the number entered. We are detail-oriented in our review of financial documents to make sure child support is fair, whether you will be receiving it or paying it for many years.

Practical Legal Advice

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