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12 things to know about semitruck crashes

Semitruck crashes are serious events that are often preventable. For the victims of these accidents, there are usually a lot of questions.

If you suffer an injury in a semitruck crash, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with these dozen points about semitrucks. These might help you as you decide what to do after the crash.

#1: Semitrucks take a long distance to stop

Semitrucks take a lot longer to stop than other vehicles. A passenger vehicle takes around 193 feet to stop when going 55 miles per hour. A semitruck traveling that speed takes 296 feet to stop when the trailer has a full load and the brakes are cool. When the brakes are hot, that distance increases to 430 feet. The tractor alone without any trailer takes 234 feet to stop.

#2: Semitrucks have a wide turning radius

A semitruck has a turning radius of 55 feet. This is why some semitruck drivers veer over to the left when they are turning right. Cars on the side of the semitruck can get struck during the turn.

#3: Blind spots are areas where the trucker can't see

Vehicles getting into a truckers' blind spot can cause accidents. This includes an area in front, in back and on each side of the semitruck. A trucker who can't see a vehicle is more likely to veer into the vehicle if they need to change lanes.

#4: Truckers can suffer from fatigue

Trucker fatigue can lead to a big rig accident. Fatigue is often the result of lack of sleep. Other conditions, such as medical conditions and driving conditions might lead to fatigue.

#5: Load securement is important

Loads securement helps to keep the load from shifting or coming off the trailer. When securement isn't done in accordance with regulations, shifting cargo can lead to crashes.

#6: Distractions can be deadly

Distractions, such as cellphones and other items in the cab, can lead to crashes. Truckers must give their entire attention to the road to prevent accidents.

#7: Improper maintenance can lead to trouble

Maintenance is crucial for semitrucks. Defective brakes and other components can make it impossible for the semitruck driver to maneuver the truck or stop when necessary.

#8: Unrealistic deadlines can cause problems

Trucking companies might cause crashes by providing clients with unrealistic deadlines. Giving truckers ample time to rest as necessary can prevent these crashes.

#9: Semitruck crashes can lead to injuries

Other vehicles aren't any match for a semitruck. Serious injuries can occur when a semitruck slams into another vehicle.

#10: Victims might suffer economic and noneconomic damages

Economic and noneconomic damages are possible in semitruck crashes. Medical bills, pain and suffering, missed wages and similar damages might occur.

#11: Seeking compensation is possible

You can seek compensation for the damages of a semitruck accident as long as the accident was someone else's fault. Getting an accurate account of the damages is imperative.

#12: Defendants might vary

The defendant in the case might vary. There can be more than one defendant. You can determine the defendants by considering the cause of the crash. Insurers, truckers, and trucking companies are a few possible defendants.

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