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Are you tired of your criminal record?

Your criminal record will follow you for many years. In fact, it will haunt you like a ghost, causing you to get denied good jobs, and even denied good relationships with friends, lovers and members of the community. As soon as someone chooses to run a criminal background record on you -- and virtually anyone can -- your entire history is exposed.

A lot of us have pasts we're not proud of. A lot of us have made noteworthy changes, attitude adjustments, morality updates -- and we've turned a new leaf. In fact, for the vast majority of people who've been convicted of a crime, the act was a one-off event that they never repeated.

You could be an entirely different person, physically and mentally from the person you were ten years ago. Nevertheless, that one bad mark on your records will keep coming up, again and again, to make life difficult. That is, until you get your criminal record expunged or sealed.

At the Law Offices of Ossie Brown, we know what it's like to lose out on a job offer because of a problem with your criminal record. We've heard unfortunate stories from the clients who've come to us saying, "Enough is enough. Can you expunge or seal my criminal record?"

In a lot of situations, our clients are surprised to find that we can indeed expunge or seal their criminal records. It certainly doesn't hurt to ask. Our legal team is available to talk to you about criminal record expungement and whether you're a suitable candidate during a consultation at our Baton Rouge law offices.

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