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Alcohol can impact a driver in many ways

It goes without saying that drinking and driving is against the law. Even though this holds true in every state throughout the country, some people still make the mistake of consuming alcohol, turning the key and heading down the road

It's important to understand how alcohol can impact your performance as a driver. Here are some of the many things to remember:

-- Alcohol reduces your ability to judge distances and speeds

-- Alcohol encourages you to take risks that you would otherwise avoid

-- Alcohol impairs your ability to concentrate on the task at hand

-- Alcohol slows your reaction time

-- Alcohol limits your vision, making it difficult to focus on the road

-- Alcohol can lead to a feeling of drowsiness

-- Alcohol increases anger, which could lead to road rage

As you know, none of these things are good when you are behind the wheel of a vehicle. Not only does it increase the chance of an accident, but it could also lead to a DUI arrest.

Police officers are trained to spot people who may be drinking and driving, such as those who are swerving and/or speeding.

There are times when a person exhibits one of the behaviors above, but not because they are under the influence of alcohol. Instead, they are dealing with another problem, such as the side effects of prescription medication.

If you were wrongfully arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, you need to implement a defense strategy that will prove this. By doing so, you may be able to avoid the serious punishments that typically go along with a DUI conviction.

Source: Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles, "Class D & E Driver's Guide," accessed June 28, 2017

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