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Free consultations: A tool for education

You suffered an injury at the hands of a drunk driver, and now you're interested in pursuing compensation. You're not really sure where to start, but you know you need an attorney. Before you choose the person you want to work with, it's a good idea to take advantage of an offer many attorneys make. This offer is for a free consultation.

Free consultations give you time to discuss your case to see if it has merit. Additionally, you can see the attorney's office and find out more about him or her in person. The first meeting is generally designed to help the attorney understand the basic facts of the case before deciding if he or she can help with the case.

How does a free consultation work?

Those who provide free consultations state that they will in their advertising, so it's easy to find someone who will listen to your case without your having to spend a dime. All you usually have to do is call the attorney's office to make an appointment.

Before you go to the consultation, it's a good idea to prepare documents for the attorney. Items such as your medical records, receipts related to your expenses, paystubs showing financial losses and other legal documents can help the attorney understand your situation.

How long does the consultation last?

Usually, consultations are between 30 minutes and one hour, though they can be shorter or longer depending on the circumstances. The attorney will have questions to ask you, so be prepared to discuss what happened to you in full.

What happens next?

If the attorney decides to take your case, you can choose to work together. Sometimes, attorneys refer people to different attorneys who are more familiar with the laws surrounding the case or because their current caseloads are full.

It's up to you to decide if you want to work with any attorney, so it's advisable to get an opinion from more than one before choosing this legal advocate to represent your case.

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