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What are some of the dangers of distracted driving?

Despite the fact that many people understand the dangers of distracted driving, there will always be those who are unsure of why it is such a big deal.

The SmartDrive video-based analytics system has compiled a variety of data related to distracted driving, including just how dangerous this behavior can be. The SmartIQ Snapshot for the trucking industry produced the following data:

  • It is 36 percent more likely that the most distracted drivers will be part of a near-collision (as opposed to others on the road)
  • The most highly-distracted drivers are most likely to do rolling stops at traffic signals and stop signs
  • These same drivers are more likely to speed, not wear seat belts and drift from their lanes of travel

These statistics prove just how dangerous it can be to drive while distracted by anything but the road ahead. While these particular statistics are related to the trucking industry, they also hold true for drivers of other types of vehicles. Simply put, if drivers aren't paying attention to the road, they are more likely to make mistakes that lead to accidents.

Even if you never drive distracted, there's something you need to know: others don't always take the same level of caution. It's possible that a person could become distracted while behind the wheel, thus causing a serious accident.

If your vehicle is struck by a distracted driver, move to safety and call 911. You want to receive immediate medical treatment for your injuries. From there, you can learn more about the cause of the crash and your legal rights.

Source:, "SmartDrive Spells Out High Costs of Distracted Driving," accessed Oct. 17, 2017

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