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Divorce in retirement: A few things to think about

As you reach retirement age, it goes without saying that your life will change in more ways than one. Unfortunately, there are times when something comes to life that catches you by surprise. Divorce definitely fits into this category.

If you're facing divorce during retirement, there are a few things you need to think about:

  • The impact on your finances. Even if you are no longer working, divorce will still have an impact on your financial situation. For example, you may find yourself having to separate retirement assets, such as pensions and IRAs
  • There are many expenses associated with the divorce process. From attorney and filing fees to mediation charges, quite a few expenses will move to the forefront.
  • Where you live may change. Only one person can stay in the family home, so you may find yourself moving on. This alone will be enough to change your life in a number of ways; however, it's a situation you may have to deal with.

At our law firm, we realize that divorce at any time of your life is a big deal. We also realize that there are special considerations when dealing with this difficult challenge during your retirement years.

If you find yourself faced with divorce in retirement, you need to gather the necessary information, get organized and understand what the process will bring to your life. When you do these things, all the while understanding your legal rights, it's much easier to push forward in a manner that will allow you to reach your goals and live a better life in the near future.

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