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3 ways to recognize developing symptoms after a car crash

After a car crash, there are many things that you must do. You need to collect insurance information, get your family or friends help and seek medical assistance yourself. You want to make sure that you and the other driver are safe.

What most people don't realize is that the injuries you suffered in a crash may not appear immediately. The adrenaline you feel after a collision protects your body from going into shock from pain or injuries. It puts you into fight or flight mode, giving you the strength to carry on and handle the danger you face.

The problem with this is that many people don't go to the hospital immediately, yet later discover they have unusual symptoms. In fact, if you're developing symptoms, you could be feeling the effects of injuries you've already been living with for several hours or days. You can recognize if these symptoms are related to your crash easily. Here are a few ways to find out if your current symptoms are a result of past injuries.

1. Go to the doctor

The best way to link an injury to your crash is to see a doctor as quickly as you can. If you had a crash in the last day or two, a doctor will understand that these could be symptoms developing from a crash. Doctors also understand how the body reacts to pain and injuries, so if the injuries don't align with what happened in the crash, your doctor may find other reasons for their sudden development. In either case, you rest easier knowing the true cause of your injury or illness.

2. Time matters

The flight-or-fight response takes approximately 20 minutes in total, but only if a situation is resolved. The longer you're in pain or a dangerous situation, the longer the adrenaline rush lasts. The longer it lasts, the longer it takes to dissipate. It's not unusual for someone who had an adrenaline rush to begin feeling pain an hour, a few hours or even a day after a crash happens. This is because the body needs time to return to its pre-adrenaline state.

3. The injuries align with your vehicle

One final way to know if your injuries are a result of the crash is to look at where they are. Sudden chest pain could be a result of injuries from a seat belt, while pain in your neck could be from delayed whiplash.

These are a few things to think about if you start developing injuries after a crash. Getting medical help will give you the best chance of a quick recovery.

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