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Conflict resolution in co-parenting takes work

Co-parenting enables both parents to work together to raise the children despite no longer being in a relationship. Since they work so closely together, it is imperative they get along. This doesn't mean that there won't be challenges along the way.

If you are co-parenting, you need to think about what you will do when you can't agree with the other adult. Having your plan set ahead of time makes it easier for you to react in an appropriate manner. One of the primary considerations is to keep a positive attitude. Automatically turning negative can make it hard to overcome the obstacles.

Remain calm during discussions

Try to remain calm when you are discussing contentious matters. This might not be easy, and your ex might know what buttons to push to make you upset. Instead of falling into the temptation to speak harshly, remember that you might be able to diffuse the situation by speaking respectfully. If things get too heated, you also have the option of taking a step back and centering yourself before returning to the discussion.

Keep the children first

Be willing to negotiate with your ex about solutions. The goal has to be doing what is best for the children, so don't focus on things between you and your ex. Think about the safety, health and stability of the kids so that you are placing the emphasis where it needs to be. There might be times when your ex's ideas are the better options, so don't continue to push your own ideas when this is the case.

Apologize and forgive

Arguments can sometimes lead to people saying and doing things they normally wouldn't do. If you have done anything even slightly wrong, apologize for those actions. If your ex is the one to say they are sorry, be willing to forgive. Holding grudges can make co-parenting a nightmare.

Work on self improvement

Taking care of yourself can reduce your stress because you are making strides to improve your mental and physical health. This also gives you time to do things that you enjoy, which can take your mind off the problems. Of course, you might have to reserve these activities for times when you don't have the children with you. Finding enjoyable things to do with them can help since you are building positive relationships through those activities.

Having a detailed parenting plan can alleviate some of the disagreements that you might face. Remember to set the plan up so that it meets your child's current needs. The parenting agreement can always be modified in the future when the child's needs change.

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