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Settling your case: Why delaying a settlement works in your favor

Settlements are how most claims are resolved. You, or your attorney, negotiate directly with insurance companies to determine a fair amount of compensation for you following an injury. The trouble with negotiating with insurance companies is that they want to get away with paying you the least amount possible. That could be problematic, especially if you have serious or long-lasting injuries.

Marijuana charges for college students could end their education

Every year, more states take steps to legalize marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes. While Louisiana has legalized marijuana for medical purposes, the average college student doesn't have a real medical reason to smoke or otherwise ingest marijuana. For most college students, experimenting with marijuana is relatively harmless. Unfortunately, hundreds of teens and young adults in their early twenties get arrested for possession of marijuana.

Here are the things you should never do after a car accident

The ubiquitousness of cars and modern forms of travel has made us take them for granted and almost blind to how unnatural and dangerous they actually can be. Everyone knows to take measures to stay safe on roadways, but most people drive irresponsibly, nevertheless, even via ""mild"" forms such as applying eyeliner quickly at a stoplight, or putting that spare packet of sugar in the glove compartment into your coffee while at a stop sign, if he or she even bothers to make a full stop. Despite how safe you may try to be personally, clearly, others can be cavalier to downright egregiously negligent.

Don't just accept a settlement after a serious car crash

Serious car accidents happen every single day in Louisiana. Sometimes, one or more people die in a crash. Other times, someone is severely injured. Over the last five years, there has been a ten percent increase in the number of crashes with serious injuries and nearly a six percent increase in fatal crashes when looking at the number of crashes per each 100,000 people in the state population. That means that your risk of getting seriously injured or even dying in a motor vehicle accident is higher than it used to be. That doesn't mean you should avoid driving.

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